Moonlighting Holiday Office Hours

In observation of the holiday weekend, our office will be closed on Friday, April 22nd and returning on Monday, April 25th. We would like to wish everybody a very safe and Happy Easter! Read More

Transformer Installation Tips with Moonlighting

During a recent system re-vamp, part of the project involved the re-mounting of the existing transformers. When the system was initially installed  the transformers were mounted separately from each other and over time the organization of the wire had become tangled and unorganized. It is important when mounting the transformer(s) that they are located in a spot that is convenient to the available receptacle. Another important element is that all wiring coming in and out of the transformer are properly labeled, identifiable, organized and securely harnessed. Organized wiring is always makes it easier for any future maintenance or diagnosing. Read More

Keeping Freshfields Village Maintained to Perfection

In the Spring of 2005, Moonlighting completed the landscape lighting installation in the Freshfields Village on Johns Island. Freshfields is located at the crossroads of Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island. It’s a great combination of retail shopping, and restaurants for all of it’s patrons to enjoy. Read More

Putting our “Light Laboratory” to Use!

Earlier this morning, the Moonlighting team took a few minutes to experiment with some really cool new LED bulbs and fixtures in our new “light laboratory.” With LED technology advancing at such a rapid pace, we are able to take the time and test the products to determine how we might incorporate them into our designs. We are beginning to utilize LED technology daily, and if you are thinking “green” than you should certainly consider LED. We are now equipped to convert and retro-fit existing systems to LED as well install new LED systems. Call Moonlighting today for an evaluation of your system, and see how we can help you save on your monthly maintenance and your monthly electrical use! Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright, Landscape Lighting Innovator?

On a recent trip to Arizona to attend the annual AOLP conference, Moonlighting principles Mike Rollins and Doug Wickenhoefer visited the world famous Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West home. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most prolific architects in American history. He was revolutionary in his designs as he went against the norm of what we consider “everyday” architecture. Wright embraced the organic aspect and encouraged site specific construction. Wright was a Wisconsin native where his first project Taliesin I was constructed. He was brought to Arizona by a former student that asked him to take part in the design and construction of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. There was much opposition but his design would be accepted. The Arizona Biltmore Hotel is now the only hotel in the world with a Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design. Read More

Moonlighting Installs Custom Playground Lights

Recently Moonlighting was presented with the opportunity for a little creativity in our lighting design, for a client in Mount Pleasant. The home owner expressed his desire to illuminate a playground, in his backyard for his young children. After evaluating the site, we determined the best way to add some light would be to mount two new lights on the playground itself from above. Read More

Practicing Proper Maintenance with Moonlighting

After Moonlighting was called in for a recent service call, our service technician noticed a furry little friends contributions to the landscape lighting. A squirrel had been relentlessly gnawing on the wiring that was mounted on the tree, powering a down light. Seeing the condition of the wire after it was brought back to the office, it was clear that the squirrel was definitely enjoying himself with our wiring! Read More

The Ultimate Moonlighting Design!

n celebration of the summer and the start of the “busy season”, we thought we would take a minute to post this video to demonstrate our speedy design process here at Moonlighting! This YouTube clip is pretty spot on, as far as how quickly our designers and office staff are able to produce for our clients. Well… maybe not this fast, but we like to think we’re pretty close! Be sure to contact Moonlighting Landscape Lighting Systems, for a free consultation and design to determine how your landscape can benefit from one our landscape lighting systems today! You can “like” us on Facebook,follow us on “Twitter” or join our network on Linked-InRead More

Illuminating a Beautiful Kiawah Island Landscape

Recently Moonlighting installed a landscape lighting system for one of our newest clients, at their home on Kiawah Island. We were able to work closely with the clients, as they expressed several elements of their landscape that were very important to them. They left it up to Moonlighting to provide them with a design that they would be able to enjoy for many years to come!  The landscape consisted of some beautiful existing live oaks, as well as some planted palms and crape myrtles. The additional landscaping work was done by Green Jeans Landscapes, of Johns Island. Green Jeans did an amazing job of the placement and arrangement of the landscape, which allowed Moonlighting a great opportunity for lighting. Because the landscape design was so elegantly executed, we were able to provide our clients with a very subtle, yet balanced landscape lighting design. Read More

Don’t Forget to Spring Your Time Clocks Forward!

Now that Day light savings time has begun, it is imperative that your time clocks be adjusted accordingly on your landscape lighting system. It’s also the time of year when cool evenings give you all the reason more to relax on your porch, and take in the true beauty of your landscape after the sun has set. Currently night fall is setting in around 8:00 pm, so don’t miss a minute of your landscape lighting! Read More

Sneak Peak at the Moonlighting “Light Laboratory”

Here is a sneak peak of our latest project, the Moonlighting “Light Laboratory.” We will be using this lab to test a wide variety of different bulbs, as well as fixtures. We thought it would be great to be able to mimic a night time setting and conduct some tests of our own. The project is still underway, so keep checking in to see the final product! Read More

Moonlighting Joins the AOLP

Moonlighting has just joined the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals. The AOLP is geared towards establishing standards, educating industry professionals and increasing awareness of the outdoor lighting industry. After recently attending the annual AOLP conference in Scottsdale, Arizona we are really excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. Being members of the AOLP will provide Moonlighting many opportunities to further our education as well as attend conferences and seminars with fellow landscape lighting professionals nationwide. Read More

Service Made Simple with Moonlighting

We’ve just updated our website to  allow our customers the option of requesting a landscape lighting service online.  Simply visit the “service request” section of our website and fill out our new online service request form.  Our office will be sure to contact you within the next business day to promptly schedule your service! Read More

Moonlighting Aiding in the Sea Pines Road Map 2020

The CSA (Community Services Association) of Sea Pines decided to begin the process of creating a master plan to enhance the overall appearance of the community. The community has seen little change aesthetically  since founder Charles Fraser sold the first lot in 1958. Fraser’s original vision was to embrace the natural beauty that the island possessed and to design the landscape and the architecture of the island  around that beauty. The lowcountry is famous for it’s winding creeks, beautiful native live oaks, intriguing wildlife and scenic landscapes… all elements that are embraced and observed by it’s residents daily. Read More

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