Our Design Philosophy

Lighting can be quiet, loud, organized, scattered, purposeful, whimsical, fluid, balanced, dramatic, romantic… It can draw you in (or keep you out!). Lighting is not a formula. In a home setting, lighting is a play of shadows with soft washes of light that bring greater depth and drama while enhancing safety and security. Like moonlight, outdoor lighting should not overpower but rather enhance. Proper lighting extends a garden, moving it from daylight into night. The right lighting can make an average garden beautiful; and a beautiful garden extraordinary.

Commercial settings have different needs. An art gallery might go for drama; a romantic restaurant – intimacy; a corporate headquarter – strength. Some settings require all the focus on the inside to create a mood or define a setting. Others focus more on the outside, either to pull you in, or, create “drive-by” interest to those literally passing by.

Every site has its own special qualities, its own personality, needs and style. Our designs are customized to each client, each setting and location. Moonlighting creates interest as the day transcends into night.

Landscape Lighting Installation

We install with “little feet” - We honor the beauty of your landscape and respect your plantings and structures by carefully weaving our way through established perennials as well as around existing hardscape. We look up as well as down when determining the best placement of our lighting fixtures. When we determine something to be “light worthy,” we focus on creating the most natural balance between light and dark to enhance the subject while hiding the process. Our philosophy has always been to leave the garden better than how we found it. We leave your setting cleaner than when we came in.

Moonlighting pulls materials from a variety of manufacturers letting the lighting effect dictate the fixture. We use a large selection of the highest quality lighting materials, carefully chosen and meticulously installed in a way that will last over time.

We respect the unique qualities of your landscape design, and offer custom solutions in a way that is the most cost effective for you.

Maintenance of Landscape Lighting

Moonlighting’s work doesn’t end after the lights go on. We offer ongoing maintenance programs to not only provide upkeep and care for your existing design but also to allow for the growth and continued evolution of your landscape. When you hire Moonlighting, your outdoor lighting can be a completely carefree experience. Service Request.

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